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10 Deserts for Torie

10 Deserts for Torie is a fundraiser for the Torie Finnane Foundation for Women and Babies.


What is 10 Deserts for Torie?

Jeremy Cowley will attempt to cross Australia's 10 deserts in 20 days on a Husqvarna 501 motorbike, completely unassisted to raise $20K for the Torie Finnane Foundation, a cause close to his heart. Along with raising funds for the TFF, it will be an attempt at a Guiness World Record, currently held by Benji Brundin who has crossed the 10 deserts unassisted in 15 Days.


Jeremy will start his brutal 10 Deserts for Torie attempt on 1st May 2023, from Marree, crossing 10 deserts unassisted and completing his exhausting trek in Apatula, also known as the famous finish line of the Finke Desert Race on 23rd May 2023.


Jeremy will need to carry 72 litres of fuel, maps, parts, food, clothing and sleeping gear on his Husky 501 bike that looks like something that stepped out of the Mad Max movie!


Follow Jeremy’s insanely courageous effort and throw a dollar or two towards him for women and babies who will benefit through the Torie Finnane Foundation.


Every dollar will make a difference. 

For donations, Click here


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