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Collection: GoldenTyre

The favourite tyre of many professional riders and many amateurs around the world.

Goldentyre has a unique aggressive thread pattern which makes it the only Radial tyre with high speed index currently on the market, made specially for all the riders who love Off-Road from Enduro to big Adventure bikes. Very low on road noise, outstanding grip on asphalt and an amazing grip off road.


Adventure/Dual Sport/Rally

  • GT923KV 120/70 R19 TLS Adventure
  • GT923KV170/60 R17 TLS Adventure
  • GT823KH REAR 150/70R18 TLS Performance Adventure 
  • GT823KH FRONT 90/90R21 TLS Performance Adventure
  • GT723RH REAR140/80-18 TT H/Duty Rally/Adventure
  • GT723R FRONT 90/100-21 TT Rally/Adventure




  • GT216AA FRONT 90/90-21TT "Chubby" Intermediate 
  • GT216AA FRONT 90/100-21TT "Fatty" Medium/Hard
  • GT216AA FRONT 80/100-21TT Soft/Medium 
  • GT333N - REAR G.O.A.T.120/100-18 TT 68M 
  • GT333N - REAR G.O.A.T. 110/100-18 TT 64M 
  • GT333N - REAR G.O.A.T. 110/90-19 TT 62M 
  • GT333N - REAR G.O.A.T. 120/80-19 TT 63M 


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