Dual.10 headlight for KTM
Dual.10 headlight for KTM
Dual.10 headlight for KTM
Dual.10 headlight for KTM
Dual.10 headlight for KTM

Dual.10 headlight for KTM

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In full power, it draws over 110W, so unless you have modified stator, your battery will drain quick.
We recommend riding on low beam - (44W is the same amount of power that OEM bulb uses) and using full power occasionally.

Another great option is the Dual.5 - it very powerful light, plug and play, high and low beam and will never need more energy than what your bike can give.


  • Brightest enduro lamp on the market- 11000 lumens
  • Plug and Play
  • High and low beam
  • Waterproof (IP67)
  • Heavy duty casing made of aluminum PA6 i PA11
  • Made in Poland
  • All CNC
  • Turn night into day
  • 3 year warranty
  • If you change your bike we can help you to convert it to your new machine making it compatible with KTM, BETA, SHERCO, HUSQVARNA. 
  • We offer spare parts to repair lamps after physical damage.

Compatible with:

  • OEM PART NUMBER: 78114001000 

    • KTM EXC-F 2014-2022*
    • KTM EXC TPI 2018-2022*
    • KTM 690 2019-2022*
    • Only bikes with fuel injection
    • Not compatible with AC current (like KTM EXC 2014-2017)

Some US/Canadian models equipped with on/off pull/push knob and motorcycles in racing mode (after wires modification) have only high beam or lamp it off and require additional switch from our shop at extra cost. Send us an email if you need the switch: adventureonstore@outlook.com

Our switch allows you to use our Dual headlights on Low Beam, High Beam or switch if off completely.

How it works:

Lamp has two modes of operation:

  • Short beam- In this mode 4 diodes (one with wide and one with narrow optics) light up giving 4400 lumens.
  • Short + Long beam mode- In this mode, all 10 diodes light up giving 11000 lumens.
  • Lamp must be connected directly to the battery terminals and oem lamp connector with included harness. 



  • Power draw:
    Low Beam: 44W
    High Beam:110W

  • LED type: CREE® XLAMP® XP-L 

  • Efficiency: 94%

  • High luminous flux: 4400lm / 11000lm 

  • Light efficiency: min. 110lm / W 

  • Color temperature white: 5000K (daylight white) 

  • Power supply: DC / DC 12V ÷ 25V

  • Optics by: LEDIL 

  • High quality aluminum MCPCB substrate 

  • Protections:
    Overheat protection
    Reverse polarisation protectionVoltage variation compensation

  • Resitance class: IP67

  • Road homolagation: None

  • Implementation in environmentally friendly technologyRoHS 2002/95/W 

  • Operation temp.: -40 - 65°C

Be aware that:  

The Dual.10 gives you 6 times more light than the stock headlight. On high beam needs 90 instead of 35 Watt. We supply 2 additional cables that must be connected directly to the battery (easy 15 minutes job), so original bike harness will not be overloaded.
Your bike produces between 168 W (EXC-F 250) and 195 W (EXC-F 500). This is plenty of power. Unless, while hard enduring you get stuck in a muddy river, you must start the engine over and over, your cooling fan is running and our lamp is going on full power. Then if you do not have a kickstarter or our kill switch, you might be unable to start the bike.


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