Dual.5 Led Headlight for Beta RR/Xtrainer 2020 and up
Dual.5 Led Headlight for Beta RR/Xtrainer 2020 and up

Dual.5 Led Headlight for Beta RR/Xtrainer 2020 and up

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Dual.5 Led Headlight for Beta motorcycles 
  • Brightest  enduro lamp on the market- 5500 lumens
  • Plug and Play
  • High and low beam
  • Waterproof (IP67)
  • Very durable casing made of aluminum PA6 i PA11
  • Made in Poland
  • out of best quality materials
  • All CNC
  • Makes riding enduro at night comfortable, and faster during the day

One lamp for long time

  • 3 year warranty
  • If You change You bike for KTM, BETA, SHERCO, HUSQVARNA, You can convert Your lamp to fit new machine. 
  • We offer spare parts to repair lamps after physical damage.

Compatible with:

  • Beta Enduro
  • Every bike fitted with fairing from listed motorcycle

How it works:

Lamp has two modes of operation:

  • Short beam- In this mode 2 diodes (one with wide and one with narrow optics) light up giving 2200 lumens.
  • Short + Long beam mode- In this mode, all 5 diodes light up giving 5500 lumens.

Power supply:

  • In most 2-stroke motorcycles, headlamp is powered by AC current. Not suitable for powering LED lamps.
  • Our amps are supplied with AC-DC converter, so the power can be taken from lights circuit of Your bike and will not affect charging Your battery.



  • Power draw:

Low Beam: 1,82A@12VDC = 21,84W

High Beam: 5,14A@12VDC = 61,68W

  • Efficiency: 94%
  • Protections: Overheat protection Reverse polarisation protection Voltage variation compensation
  • Resitance class: IP67
  • Road homolagation: None
  • Operation temp.: -40 - 65°C

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